About the Journal

GAIA – Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society is a peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to inter- and transdisciplinary research on and for sustainability transformations.

Published articles analyze, interpret, reflect on, and discuss the diversity and dynamics of human-nature relationships, informed by ecological knowledge and directed towards sustainability. The journal provides a platform for presenting and promoting theoretical and empirical insights.

GAIA particularly encourages submissions that transgress disciplinary boundaries, transcend established knowledge domains, or explore novel methodologies, such as participatory and transdisciplinary research processes. 

With a clear commitment to Open Access, GAIA addresses science and practice alike, and aims to foster society’s competence for sustainability-oriented action. 

Articles are chosen for their scientific quality and thematic significance. Additionally, the editorial team refines each article to be accessible and engaging for readers from different backgrounds and disciplines.

GAIA – Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society ...
... is community based and offers a range of services to the transdisciplinary community.
... is published by oekom, an independent publisher based in Germany. oekom is oriented toward the common good, toward sustainable corporate governance, ethical publishing and high quality (see our values).
... follows the Green Road to Open Access under a policy that is fully compliant with Plan S (repository route):

  • all articles (Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) and / or Version of Record (VoR)) can be self-archived with no embargo period,
  • authors retain copyright (rights retention),
  • articles are published under a Creative Commons Attribution licence CC BY 4.0

... offers a Gold Open Access Option
... for long-term digital preservation, GAIA archives its published content with CLOCKSS.
... has a quick turnaround and minimizes time from submission to publication.
... has a proven record of high-quality articles, a well-established international reviewer network, and a reputation of academic excellence.
... articles are chosen for their scientific content as well as their ease of comprehension and relevance to readers of various scientific disciplines.
... is published in colour print and provides an exceptional opportunity to illustrate scientific work in the form of pictures, charts, or maps.
... articles can be published in both English and German.

Frequency of Publication
GAIA is a quarterly publication.

GAIA has been supported by: ETH Board | Branco Weiss † | Eawag | Altana AG | Heinz Nixdorf Stiftung | Velux Stiftung | Stiftung Sonnenwiese | Binding Stiftung | Ulrich Müller-Herold | Paul Schiller Stiftung

GAIA is an ancient Greek word for the Earth:
The word Gaîa touches on a myth that affected the beginning of philosophy and science. "Mother Earth" is a formula for bearing and conceiving, giving and taking, up and down. A guarantor of the cycle of life, Gaîa represents the foundation of the law that is preliminary to human dispositions.